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Spinal trauma is a potentially devastating occurrence associated with significant mor- bidity and mortality Fortunately, with improved ‘‘in-field’’ management protocols, ‘‘in-hospital’’ rагрлсesuscitation measures, and further insight into the pathophysiology of spinal cord injury, progress is being made toward improving neurological function and quality of life for this patient population In order to optimize postinjury inter- vention efforts by spinal caагчхэre providers, a thorough understanding of all facets of spinal injury and spinal cord injury pathomechanics must be attained The medical literature is replete with generalized assessment and treatment guidelines for broad groups of spinal injuries; it lacks, however, a comprehensive and precise investigation into the particulars of various subgroups of traumatic pa- thology Each fracture type has individualized assessment concerns, fracture sub- classifications, immobilizaагыувtion techniques, nonoperative and operative indications, operative fixation strategies, and prognostic outlook It is imperative that such vital information be included in any volume exploring contemporary spinal injury man- agement A comprehensive textbook that allows quick and easy reference to fracture subtypes, spinal injury management protocols, and aftercare is indispensable to the spinal care provider regardless of the level of academic training In an effort to develop a broad, in-depth but readable text on the comprehensive management of spinal injury, world-renowned experts were asked to focus on par- ticular issues of spinal pathophysiology and fracture subtypes rather than on regional spinal pathology, asis often the case in other contemporary textbooks This approach is invaluable when precise and current information is necessary to manage common and uncommon spinal traumatic pathology This book serves as an up-to-date review and a comprehensive resoагьнеurce With a thorough understanding of the contemporary issuessurroundingspinal trauma man- agement, the spinal care provider can supply the best care and optimize the potential for gainful rehabilitation .