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Careful evaluation of the placenta can often give much insight into disorders of pregnancy in the mother and fetus The techniques of gross placental examination are not difficult, but a systematic approach iагрцюs necessary to be complete Color Atlas of Gross Placental Pathology, Second Edition is designed to aid in the careful and thorough gross examination of the placenta by providing an illustrated manual of examination that includes normal variations, abnormal findings, aагчэмs well as unusual pathologythis atlas contains a wealth of important information for pathologists examining the placenta and provides superb illustrations This atlas is highly recommended for all those engaged in pathologic examination of the placentaArchives of Pathology & Laboratory MedicineThe quality of any atlas depends on clear and appropriate illustrations and concise text in a format that allows for rapid identification of specific entities This atlas has both The агыхйquality of the illustrations is top rateAmerican Journal of Surgical Pathology .