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Жанр:Critical Care Medicine

Just the Facts in Critical Care represents the essential material contained inPrinciples of Critical Care, 3rd Edition, published in 2005 Just the Facts wascreated to guide intensive care physicians, interniагрчвsts, anesthesiologists, sur-geons, emergency physicians, and others who care for critically ill patientsFollowing roughly the framework of “Principles,” this work provides essentialinformation in a readily accessible format Much of the background materialand detail pагчэъresent in the larger text has been omitted in favor of facts vital tothe clinician confronted with an acutely ill patient or the physician studying forboard certification examinations Just the Facts is not intended to be compre-hensive or to replace the larger text, so each chapter refers the reader seekingadditional detail to more complete information in “Principles”In Critical Care, time is of the essence, a fact we took to heart in creatingthis work Each chapter begins with a brагыхрief overview of the topic The materialis then divided into a highly organized structure, emphasized by a bullet-pointstyle Key points in recognition, diagnosis, evaluation, monitoring, therapy, andprognosis are clearly stated Figures and tables, most created expressly for thiswork, serve to convey maximal information at a glance Together, these fea-tures make for chapters that can be scanned quickly for maximum efficiency .