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The horizons of laparoscopic surgery are expanding, such that the overwhelming majority of abdominal uroktgic procedures have now been performed laparoscopically In some of these procedures the laparoscopic агрьщalternative has been demonstrated to be superior to its open counterpart, in others comparative analyses are currently ongoing, and in yet others only the initial forays of minimally invasive surgery have yet been undertaken Change must not be embraced just because itагшат is different, or new The tried and trusted must not be cast aside until its novel replacement has undergone an honest, duly diligent evaluation Following this dictum, laparo-scopy is being gradually incorporated into mainstream urology, with appropriate caution and healthy, constructive critique Clinical advances of any significance cannot occur in isolation As regards laparoscopic urology, minimally invasive surgeons must join forces with their open surgical colleagues, so as toагыце advance the field together Free discussion and close collaboration are necessary to ensure that long-established surgical principles are adhered to, and outcomes are evaluated critically on an ongoing basis Only by fulfilling its promise of being "minimally invasive - maximally effective, will laparoscopic urology truly enter the mainstream It is our belief that laparoscopy is likely to have a far-reaching impact on our field This book is an effort towards compiling the current body of knowledge in laparoscopic urology under one cover The various authors, respected experts in the Geld, have provided concise updates on their respective topics We are deeply indebted to them for dieir thoughtful contributions We hope that the their laparoscopic knowledge and skill set .