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Жанр:Хирургия и ортопедия

: In this third edition of Surgical Anatomy and Technique: A Pocket Manual, we are very pleased to add three new chapters: the vascular system by Drs Deepak G Nair and Robert B Smith III; the uterus, ovariагсвъes, and tubes by Dr Ramon A Suarez; and microsurgical techniques by Drs John G Seiler III and Petros Mirilas Drs Seth D Force and Daniel L Miller revised several procedures in the chapter on the esophagus In the section on hemorrhoidectomies, Dr Joseph J Nicагшгщhols, Jr, provided techniques for stapled hemorrhoidectomy and band liga- tion Procedures for laparoscopic left colectomy including sigmoid colectomy and for laparoscopic-assisted right colectomy were added by Dr Jay Singh in collaboration with Dr Lee Skandalakis As in preceding editions we continue to present only basic (“nuts and bolts”) surgical techniques, not advanced procedures such as transplantation and robot- ics, because we are committed to maintaining this book as a “pагычзocket manual” We hope that the several chapters we reorganized are now easier to use We want to mention that the sutures specifi ed in the text are those preferred by the authors, but comparable sutures can be used at the surgeon’s discretion.