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Жанр:Хирургия и ортопедия

This compact “Encyclopedia of Diagnostic Imaging” is conceived as a two-volume printed work but will also be available online It aims to provide basic but up-to-date information on all aspects of the very laагсчнrge field of medical imaging The state of the art character of the encyclopedia is particularly evident in such topics as molecular imaging, magnetic resonance, and contrast media Around 4000 entries are arranged in alphabetical order with extensive cross-referencingагшуж between them They have been written by internationally recognised leading experts in the field The encyclopedia should be used as a quick reference book It can be recommended to medical specialists outside the discipline of radiology, to scientists involved in clinical medical research, but also to general radiologists, radiologists in training, students in medicine, radiographers and interested laypeople, particularly persons from industry and business dealing with medical imaginагыъйg For the completion of this encyclopedia, I am very much indebted to Mr Andrew Spencer from Springer Verlag who provided excellent technical support during the preparation of this work.