Медицинские книжки
Жанр:Детская хирургия

During the last two decades there has been a dramatic improvements and expansion in the field of paediatric surgery Major advances in perinatal diagnosis, imaging, resuscitation, intensive care, minimally inагоиэvasive surgery, transplantation and improved operative techniques have radically altered the management of infants and children with surgical conditions Surgical procedures are now routinely performed in neonates and children with serious and complex disorders Monitoагциеring techniques for the sick child pre and post operatively have become more sophisticated and there is now greater emphasis on physiological aspects of the child undergoing surgery This book, which is primarily aimed at paediatric surgical trainees and young paediatric surgeons, provides a comprehensive description of various surgical conditions in infants and children with major emphasis on diagnosis and management The book contains contributions from outstanding and well known paагыжюediatric surgeons and paediatric urologists Each contributor was selected to provide an authoritative, comprehensive and complete account of their respective topic Most chapters are well illustrated with the use of tables, radiographic images, clinical photographs and operative techniques This book comprises of 97 chapters from 119 contributors from all five continents of the world We wish to thank all the contributors most sincerely for their outstanding work in producing this innovative text book We wish to express our gratitude to Vanessa Woods and Silvia Harding (Dublin) and Gudrun Raber (Graz) for their skilful secretarial help Finally, we wish to thank the editorial staff of Springer, particularly Ms Gabriele Schroeder and Ms Stephanie Benko, who have been behind each step of this book from its original concept to its delivery.