Медицинские книжки

Few domains in orthopedics have evolved so dramatically over the past decades as our knowledge and understanding of knee physiology and knee replacement surgery Long ago are the days that hinged knees or uncаготпonstrained flat on flat components with gamma irradiated in air polyethylene were the standard Since those days, an unstoppable evolution has taken place towards refinement and better resultsSome designs and theories have thereby withstood the test of time better thaагцпрn others,while some debates have been significantCemented or uncemented fixation, resurfacing of the patella and mobile or fixed bearings, are some of the issues that are still open today Despite the fact that some issues have dominated the literature and the public forum during the eighties and nineties, most of us have realised in the meantime that these issues are less fundamental in our quest towards optimal knee joint restoration In addition, we have discovered previously neglагыйвected or unknown aspectsNew terminology and technology has emergedParadoxical motion, lateral lift off, asymmetrical roll-back were never heard of during the nineties, and are public domain in today’s knee forum Computer assisted surgery, minimal invasive technology, cross-linked polyethylene and ceramics have entered the world of knee surgeonsAll with the same goal in mind; to optimize the performance of the knees we treat This book attempts to assemble all these evolutions and new insights into a standard work,in an attempt to provide the reader with a current update on the most modern views on knee arthroplasty Experts from all over the world have contributed to achieve this goal All have published extensively in peerreviewed journals, and have taken the opportunity to bundle their knowledge in the allocated chapter in this book, thereby providing the reader with a unique work summarising the current scientific knowledge on knee arthroplasty The editors are gratefагьмяul to them for their excellent contributions to this work,and hope with all of those who were involved, that this book may serve as a modern basis for achieving better performance in knee arthroplasty Finally, the editors would like to express their special and sincere gratitude to the publishing editor Thomas Guenther from Springer Verlag for his competent and professional support,which allowed us to present this work according to the highest standards available today in medical literature Thomas Guenther, who always spoke about this work as his baby, suddenly passed away from us during the finalizing weeks of this work This book will therefore be the last book that Thomas made Together with many surgeons who published for Springer-Verlag, Thomas will stay in our minds as a hard and dedicated worker, with a perpetual drive towards perfection The success of this work is therefore also a last homage to Thomas Guenther.