Медицинские книжки
Жанр:career management

This book introduces physicians and clinicians to an academic career in the health professions Written from the cliniciana (TM)s viewpoint, it guides readers who are considering or who have recently embarkedагхсх upon such a career through the essentials Taylora (TM)s approach to the subject is practical and well rounded He integrates evidence-based information from the medical literature on scholarship and research with anecdotes from contributors noted for their success inагъьъ a spectrum of disciplines at top academic medical centers Taylor addresses the academic career decision-making process, job hunting, and life in academia He also focuses on skills for successa "from teaching to grant writing Advice on clinical practice, career management, and the work/life balance is plentiful The book dispels common myths and outlines errors to avoid Differences in expectations and culture among teaching hospitals, medical schools, and academic medical cenагьитters are considered throughout Sources for more information are provided as well .

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