Медицинские книжки

1 Anatomical Approaches for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery 1 Donald C Shields, Larry T Khoo, Grigory Goldberg, and Alexander R Vaccaro 2 Evidence-Based Review: Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery vs Openагоюа Surgery 13 Ferhan Asghar, Rick Davis, and Christopher M Bono 3 Definition and Classification of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery 19 Erbil Oguz, Qusai M Hammouri, Jonathan N Grauer, Michael A Pahl, and Alexander R Vaccaro 4 Patient Selection for Minimally Invasiагццьve Spinal Surgery 25 D Greg Anderson and Chadi Tannoury 5 The Future Direction of Minimally Invasive Surgery: Is Its Fate Controlled by the Physician, Patient, Industry, or Insurance? 33 Eeric Truumees and Chetan K Patel 6 Microscopic Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Foraminotomy 47 Michael D Daubs 7 Microscopic Posterior Foraminotomy/Laminotomy for Nerve Root Decompression 55 Troy D Gust, Neal G Haynes, and Paul Arnold 8 Endoscopic Laminotomy/Foraminotomy for Herniated Cerviагыкяcal Disc 65 Thomas J Puschak, Rick C Sasso, William Tally, Deepan Patel, and Alexander R Vaccaro 9 Thoracoscopic Excision of Thoracic Herniated Disc 73 Roshan P Shah and Jonathan N Grauer 10 Thoracoscopic Corpectomy 81 Lance K Mitsunaga and Choll W Kim 11 Endoscopic Laminotomy, Foraminotomy, and Discectomy for Herniated Lumbar Disc 91 Anthony T Yeung and Christopher A Yeung 12 Unilateral Hemi-Laminotomy for Bilateral Lumbar Decompression (Segmental Sublaminoplasty) 105 Moe R Lim, Jason Young, Paul H Young, Joon Y Lee, and Alan S Hilibrand 13 Percutaneous Automated Lumbar Discectomy 117 Sushil K Basra and Michael Vives 14 Chemical Dissolution of a Herniated Lumbar Disc: A Review 127 Henry Ahn and Raja Rampersaud и прочее .