Медицинские книжки
Жанр:Неврология, внутренние болезни

You have just encountered a possible stroke patient You ask yourself, what should I do first? How do I know it is a stroke? Is it too late to reverse the damage? How do I do the right things in the right ordагоямer? This book will help you answer these critical questions It provides practical advice on the care of stroke patients in a range of acute settings As new and effective treatments become available, and designated stroke centers are created, this guidebook will help агцчьinform the healthcare professionals responsible for delivering care The content is arranged in chronological order, covering the things to consider in assessing and treating the patient in the emergency department, the stroke unit, and then on transfer to a rehabilitation facility All types of stroke are covered A comprehensive set of appendices contain useful reference information including dosing algorithms, conversion factors and stroke scales.

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