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Жанр:Клиническое руководство, учебник

This textbook, which has been known as the "Bible of Endodontics" for over 40 years, will, in its 6th edition, retain its recognition as "The Bible" With over 75 contributing authors fromагпбн all over the world and 40 chapters, the new Ingle’s Endodontics will be the first endodontic textbook specifically prepared for the world's endodontic specialists and graduate students in advanced endodontic programs world-wide It will continue to be the standard agaагцщгinst which all other endodontic texts will be measured The main divisions of the book will be "The Discipline of Endodontics," "Endodontic Pathobiology," "Endodontic Examination, Evaluation, Diagnosis & Treatment Planning," "Management of Endodontic Disease," "Surgical Procedures in Endodontics, and" Related Endodontic Treatment" For the most part the illustrations will be in color The evidence based bibliography for each tагымзopic will be extensive Controversies in endodontics will be explored Diagnosis and management of pain and infections will be broadened A new section dealing with maxillary sinusitis and endodontic disease, expanded by CT scans is featured The newest endodontic armamentaria are covered in depth With a roundup of the world's experts in all phases of the specialty, Ingle’s Endodontics, 6th edition, promises to be the ultimate in endodontic textbooks It will be essential for every endodontist's library.