Медицинские книжки
Жанр:медицинская литература

Книга - хирургический атлас всех органов и систем с иллюстрациями Until recently, medical illustration was an undervalued job The illustrators were basically artists, attracted to the human body Many of tагнюнhem were self-trained people Most of the time they were not well considered and some publishers even refused to mention their names in books Today, medical illustration has gained its ‘letters patent of nobility’ Léon Dorn has witnessed the emergence, the dагцбгevelopment and the now well recognised state of the medical illustration Dorn is specially involved in the illustration of surgical techniques, which is probably the most difficult part of the art of medical illustration since the illustrator must attend surgical operations to understand what exactly is being done and then distil a long procedure into a few drawings Usually, no more than five to seven drawings are needed to illustrate a surgical techniqueThe skill and possibly the агыдпgenius of the artist lies in their ability to condense multiple operating stages into a limited number of drawings.