Медицинские книжки

This book is unique it begins with a comprehensive section on principles of reconstruction which covers the types of reconstructive options that exist and how to choose which one is best for the patient, theагпзвn discusses how to avoid complications in reconstructive surgery, how to deal with complications when they arise, and how to monitor he reconstructive patient A special section is dedicated to recipient vessel selection and exposure with clear and detailed pictures anагцэфd illustrations All important flaps are covered and presented to the reader in two sections: workhorse non-perforator type flaps and workhorse perforator type flaps Our intent while putting this book together was to provide a reference that would provide the reader with a comprehensive way of understanding the anatomy of the region where the flap is being harvested from, appreciating the anatomy of the flap itself, understanding the issues involved in reconstructing different parts агынхof the body, appreciating and fully realizing the way to plan and execute flap harvest, tailoring a flap to fit the need of a defect, and reconstructing the defect in the way that yields the most functional and aesthetic result.