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Книга про лапароскопию у тучных больных Техника выполнения, особенности инструментарий и тд Bariatric surgery has finally been recognized as the only treatment for morbid obesity with successful outcomes iагрезn long-term follow-up Although the ultimate solution for treatment of this disease may involve metabolic or genetic manipulations, currently no such treatments generate weight loss results and improvements in medical co-morbid conditions which compare to surgical treaагчтзtment However, despite successful outcomes and published low complication rates in major centers, bariatric surgery is often viewed by the public and prospective patients as a drastic, invasive, and high risk solution The American public does not uniformly embrace the surgical treatment option for morbidly obese patients Letters to People magazine, even in the aftermath of celebrity Carnie Wilson’s highly successful gastric bypass surgery, sadly reveal the altogether too frequent pагытоrejudice and innuendo about laziness, sloth, and below average intelligence that sufferers of morbid obesity must endure as once again the public demonstrates that they do not understand obesity and are unsympathetic to its victims In contrast to the stereotypes of morbidly obese patients, bariatric surgeons recognize that there is no more rewarding area of surgical specialization than treatment of the morbidly obese patient Obese patients are often highly motivated to reclaim a more normal life and eliminate their co-morbid medical problems Our co-editor Harvey Sugerman has expressed it best: “Bariatric surgery is like no other treatment in medicine There is no other situation in which a surgeon can perform a single surgical procedure and cure 4 or 5 of the patient’s medical problems” Despite the challenges and pitfalls of caring for obese patients, a successful surgical outcome usually leads to an extremely grateful patient and family.